Leisure time is precious, wasting it is insanity. A holiday, no matter if for a day or a week, on land or at sea, on an island or on the top of a mountain, must be perfect, thrilling and unforgettable. If you have a dream, we will do our best to make it come true.

Carlo Gabasio
Alpine Guide

Paolo Falco

Why travelling with us


We have no lack of this. We are no longer 20 years old, but fortunately in this case our many years, particularly those spent working, do make a difference. By putting together our skills we target the highest level of safety and this is important when it comes to you.


We know we are not the first and not the only one proposing this kind of adventures, but thanks to our experience and our voracious curiosity we have stuck our nose in secluded and magnificent corners that we want to share with you.


When the meal is ready the best cook will resort to a special secret ingredient to make his dish special and unique. We have a large storeroom full of merry spirit and enthusiasm that will confer an unforgettable taste to your holiday.

If you want to know more about us and our Mountain Sailing trips, get in touch with us!